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Why make TheBingoAffiliatesTM your first choice in Bingo Affiliate Programs?
  • Geo-Targeted Brands - This connects players from within their own country increasing first time depositors.
  • Earn HUGE commissions based on Cost Per Acquisition -  Know exactly what you earn per acquired CPA.
  • Fast Payments Always get paid within the first 7 business days of each new month.
  • The BIGGEST BONUSES in the industry -  Up to 1000% bonus which attracts first time depositors.
  • Promote to other affiliates and build your down line with our multi-tier system
  • The First in Online Bingo - Over 20 Years of Online Bingo offers trust to first time depositors.
  • Accurate and Reliable Tracking and Revenue Reports.
  • Personalized Affiliate Support - With over 20 years’ experience we know what it takes to convert players to depositors.
  • Customized Marketing Material - If you have a lot of traffic, let us customize your marketing material.
  1. Banner / text link promotion

    Our brands have been providing bingo for over 20 years, targeting countries like Canada and Australia while offering a global brand allows you to geo-target players from all countries.

  2. Down line promotion

    We offer the opportunity for you to promote our affiliate program to other affiliates where you will make commission on all the affiliates that you have referred in your down line!  If you are interested in this please contact your Affiliate Manager to set this up.

Geo-Target Markets

Australian Bingo Affiliate Program

Are your members looking for Bingo, Pokies (slots) and other gambling verticals to promote to your Australian traffic? BingoAustralia is the ONLY online bingo targeting Australia with the largest free network of games in the industry for your members to enjoy. Your members will be able to enjoy the online excitement with our free products while meeting new friends from around the world.  

Visit our BingoAustralia now.

Canadian Bingo Affiliate Program

CanadianDollarBingo was Canada's first online bingo.  Our Canadian network plays in Canadian Dollars which is a selling feature as Canadians prefer to play in local currency instead of paying over 30% more to play in USD.

Visit  CanadianDollarBingo now!

World Wide Bingo Affiliate Program

AmigoBingo is our longest running brand started over 20 Years ago. In 1999, there were only THREE online bingos and we were one of them.  In these 20 years, while many of our competitors have come and gone our brands have gained the trust of over 1 Million members.

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